Windows 10 erori instalare

multiprocessor configuration not supported

Disable CPUID Value Limit
Many users reported MULTIPROCESSOR_CONFIGURATION_NOT_SUPPORTED BSoD error while installing Windows 10, and you can easily fix this error by disabling CPUID Value Limit setting in BIOS. Before you can disable this setting, make sure that your BIOS has this option available. To see how to locate and disable CPUID Value Limit in BIOS make sure to check your motherboard manual.

In addition to CPUID Value Limit, some users are also recommending to disable Hyperthreading and Multiple CPU cores in BIOS. If the BSoD error is resolved, you can try enabling these features one by one if you need to use them.

fail to boot: winload.efi missing; error 0xc0000359

You are using 32 Bit Windows 7. UEFI is supported only with 64bit and use GPT disk type.

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